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Eighty Twenty Studio looks to have meaningful conversations with our clients in order to find and tell captivating stories that will resonate with audiences on a personal level. Our objective is to translate our passion into revenue for your brand.

With over a decade in the film and video production industry, we believe even amidst all of the clutter, story is still king. If customers can relate to your story, they can relate to your product.

Eighty Twenty Studio is a full service production company offering expertise in every stage from script to screen. We own all our own gear which reduces the cost for the client as we are able to avoid rental fees and the time associated with picking up rentals. Located between Toronto and Montreal our team has produced content both nationally and internationally. 

Whether you're selling a physical product, or just looking to share a vision, Eighty Twenty Studio can bring your stories to life in stunning 4K. We pride ourselves on the fluidity of our storytelling and the professionalism of our crew. 

---- Director Victor Cooper on the set of "Stoney Lonesome"

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